my daughter is having her period and wants me to ask tampons or pads? she says tampons are to confusing but pads are to bulky and out of style and I really don't know myself!


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Liz - posted on 01/28/2013




It's nice if she has the choice. My periods are so heavy that I have to use both at the same time or risk suffering embarrassing consequences!

Not sure why she would have concerns about the fashion consequences of a pad, to be honest. They are bulky, yes. You do feel them and know that they are there, but I'd rather have that than feel that I'm going to have an immediate issue if I 'get through' a tampon and am not able to run for a bathroom there and then.

If she likes the idea of not having to dive out of a class at school to go to the bathroom because her tampon got used up, then tampons AND pads are a good idea for her too. :)

Crystal - posted on 01/28/2013




tampons especially if she is in sports. i did pads at first but after i switched...i would never goback

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