My daughter is i yr 8 month old. she is very active but she dint eat properly. can u help me for some food pattern to me


Theresa - posted on 05/28/2013




My daughter is active and it was mainly me who had to keep a schedule for her feeding times. It's usually better to keep continuing from the hospital. I started breast feeding right when my daughter came out and that was at 9pm and than I kept hours from 9pm12pm3am-6am-9am-12pm-3pm- 6pm-9pm...etc and kept it as a pattern. Eventually you take away the night time around this age and eventually you have a nice schedule for when they are older. my daughter is 20months and this is her feeding schedule: 9am(breakfast)-12pm(lunch)-3pm(snack)- 6pm(dinner)-9pm(bedtime) at times it's tricky specially if im doing alot. Pick times that work with you it took a lot of practice because I have a hard time sleeping at night so I had to try and keep a schedule for her and for myself. I hope that this can give you an idea to set up a schedule for yourself to do feeding times and work it around your days. Because scheduling helps a lot :) and it eventually becomes a habit.

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