my daughter is in kindergarden and will not sit & do homework after school

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After a long day of kindergarden,should I give her a snack & do homework right away? Please don't tell me every kid's different, there's got to be some similarities in kidergarden girls....


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My daughter is in first grade this year. It is her first year of all-day school. She also has mild special needs, so the day can get pretty long. Here is a peek at a typical afternoon for us:

I pick her up from the bus stop. On the walk home, we discuss her day. When we get in, she gets about 1/2 hour of time to herself. It may be spent unwinding or in physical play. She has PE right before she comes home, so sometimes she just wants to chill out. If she's hungry, she can have a small snack. Then she comes to the table to go through her backpack and start on homework. If I see her getting restless or having troubles, she gets a small physical break. This may mean jumping on her (small indoor) trampoline or even hiking up and down the stairs. This physical movement helps her re-focus. When she is done, she gets free time until dinner.

Our schedule is different on evenings she has an activity, but I try to keep after school consistent so she knows what to expect.

Just keep trying different things until you find what works best for the both of you. Hang in there. You are doing a great job!

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Unfortunately, every kid is different, but I'll tell you what works for us. Hopefully you can get a few different ideas, try them and pick the one that works best.

We have an after school ritual that goes like this:
Discuss the day on the way home from school.
SMALL snack (less than 5 minutes) while I go through his homework binder and school folder.
Math worksheets/book work
Quick study/review for Social Studies
Quick study/review for Science
Math Magician (on the computer)
Typing (on the computer--he didn't start typing until 2nd grade)
Special assignments (when applicable)
30 minutes of Reading (in kindy, I had him read aloud to me, but now he reads on his own)
30 minutes of free play time while I cook dinner
Taekwondo, Baseball, Gymnastics, or Guitar, depending on the night.
Chores (clean room, feed dog, prepare backpack and clothes for the next day)
30 minutes of free time (unless he takes a particularly long shower)

I feel the free time is very important to their creative development. Not only that, but the free time gives them a chance to unwind and relax. I think everyone, children and adults, should try to have at least 1 hour of free time each day. I know that's very difficult in today's society, but it is well worth the effort to carve it out. I know that my mental wellbeing is 100% better when I've had a few minutes for myself, my son's temper is also much less flammable when he has a few minutes for himself each day. Whenever he doesn't have special assignments from school, I always allow him to use the extra time as free time (free time is NOT video game or TV time! we do video games and TV on the weekends--too distracting during the week.)


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I would give her some time to unwind and do some unstructured play before tackling homework. You are expecting your child to sit all day at school and then come home and do additional work. That's asking a lot. I know when I get home from work I need some time to unwind before I can even think about dinner or doing another task.

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Yes, every kid is different and you can not tell me your child is the same as the others. They are all unique and come from other families so that also accounts how their are worked with at home. You should be doing what works best for your child at home. If it is a snack and then homework, then fine. If its a few minutes to unwind with playing and then homework, fine. You have to find what works best for her. You can not expect her to want to sit down again after spending most of her day doing that already to do work. I would try letting her have some unwind time and then do the homework.

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