my daughter is in trouble

Jacqueline - posted on 09/24/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 13 year old is a sweetheart, she is smart funny and most often very respectful. I have never gotten any complaints of behavior from school and her grades are pretty good. HOWEVER, she goes through these phases when she can be down right mean and defiant, towards other kids. She also refuses to go to school some days. I am a single mom who leave the house well before its time for her to wake up for school. My oldest daughter is 18 and a freshman in college who makes sure she gets her sister up and out the house on time. This does not always work. I have punished taken away all her electronics and fun activities. she only does her chores when she wants something. I am at a lost I am afraid of what she may do next. she does not fear consequenses and frankly she does not fear me. Please help, any sugestions would be appreciated. I am thinking about sending her away and told her she was going to boot camp, her response was that sounds fun!

desperately holding on!


Jodi - posted on 09/24/2014




Have you considered rewarding her for getting up and going to school and doing the right thing? You could keep track of it and at the end of each week, if she has done these things, reward her with something she really likes. You shouldn't manage this with fear, because at this age a kid will just say "I don't care". It's what they do. Instead, focus on the behaviours you want to see and let her know that if she ticks off a full week of those behaviours, she can have X.

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