my daughter is kinda indifferent to other kids

Turker - posted on 06/30/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Our 17 month old daughter, she is the only kid we have, she is fun, she is clever, we laugh a lot, but we are living a life kinda isolated and we don't have much friends, so not much friends for her too. While we are happy and our connection and relation at home is very strong, I have noticed that she is kinda indifferent to other kids at the kid park. Some kids (most of the time older ones) like her so much and come to her, caress her and say things, but she sometimes looks at them and try to understand, but most of the time she just passes them and runs for her own game.
Is it something related to her age and is it still early for her and we should expect this to be developed in time? Or is it we as parents have a drawback in this area that we should focus on and try to take her places where she can interact with other kids more so that she can learn to relate and interact and play with other kids? What do you think?
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I agree with the other two. Your daughter is not yet at an age where she knows how to interact with others. Children this age tend to play beside each other, but not WITH each other.


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Michelle - posted on 06/30/2015




For starters, stop comparing your child to others.
It helps to find a playgroup for you child to learn to interact with others. She's still young and if she's used to playing on her own then she will prefer that over playing with others.

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