My daughter is not learning anything?

Colleen - posted on 05/27/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter 7, almost 8 in June has severe peanut allergies (anaphylactic). As a result, the school provided her with a peanut free table, where she refused to sit. We have been trying over a month to get her to sit there. We tried everything including rewards, consequences, to go to the school and drag her there but she physically fought me, and when she was told to eat at the office she ran to the cafeteria anyway and threw tantrums. I was told to home school her, which I did and she was kicking and screaming for two months. I tried to get her to learn something and got professional help and she did not do anything and refused to cooperate for two months. They did a mental health evaluation and on they kept asking her why she didn't want to learn and on Friday after 1 week of interrogation, she said she wants to go to school and sit where she wants at lunch. I am not comfortable with letting her sit where she wants but if I don't let her she will not learn and do work even at school.


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Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 05/27/2013




She just wants to be included with the rest of her classmates. How would you feel if you had to sit all by yourself watching the other kids social interactions. Plus other kids will look for the SMALLEST differences in each other and pick on the kid who's different. It might seem silly as adults to think of someone being picked on bc of an allergy but kids will target the craziest things and use it as ammo to bully. I agree with the other ladies in looking for a school that is nut free. Your daughter won't have to feel left out at lunch time ( which is one of the most important times for socializing in school) and she will be safe at the same time

Jodi - posted on 05/27/2013




I agree with Little Miss. Find out if there is a nut free school in your area. In Australia, most schools are nut free these days so as not to isolate children with an allergy.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/27/2013




How about finding a school in your area that supports food allergies with a peanut free environment? Most schools are like that now. You could even petition the school to start doing this.

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