my daughter is one year old and i want to train her for swimming but she is very scared of water,wenever she is goin into water she is crying badly,,plz suggest me some ways to take out the fear from her....thnx


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Krista - posted on 04/25/2011




I agree with the others -- start slowly. Maybe get a small kiddie pool and just put a couple of inches of water in it. Put in some toys as well, and just let her explore outside of the pool, maybe splashing her hands around it. Don't pressure her -- just let her get used to it.

Then, maybe put her in the pool with the toys, but NO water. Let her play around for awhile, and then give her a plastic measuring cup of warm water, so that she can pour it out. Keep a bucket of warm water nearby, so that you can refill the cup if she wants more. Eventually, she'll be sitting in an inch of water or so.

It'll take time, so you'll want to go slowly and gently. But you're right to want her to learn how to swim -- it's a very important safety skill.

Barb - posted on 04/25/2011




Tracy has good advice.

Do they have one of those water parks near you where the water is just perhaps ankle deep? and there are fountains? Put toys in, she can sit on a curb and put her feet in and you can sit in the water and play with her and show her how much fun it is? Bring fun toys or familiar tubbie toys like a rubber ducky or mechanical fishy that swims..

But yes, introduce it to her slowly and her curiosity of "what does mom find so fun about all this" will override her fear of it. Good luck and have a great time!!

Tcordukes - posted on 04/25/2011




i Have had the same problem with my son...he would scream the place down anytime he went near the water.
I suggest sitting on the edge water take a ball and play, blow bubbles, my son loves to spit the water, maybe not the best habit to get him into but hey... as she gets a little more comfortable walk in a bit further, just dont push too hard and have fun!

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