My daughter is over 39 weeks pregnant ,whats the best way to start labour


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Brianna - posted on 07/27/2011




lots of walking, sitting on excerise ball, eat pinapple, eat eggplant, raspberry leaf tea, and go on utube and search accupuntioner to induce labor it will show u lots of pressure points

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/27/2011




There are some things that she can do, but she won't go into labor unless she is ready. First of all, sex...something in the semen helps the process get started, and same for if she has an helps somehow, lots of walking, raspberry tea, and if you want a medical way to have it done, she can have her membrane swept her next visit. Whoever her caregiver is (ie doctor, mid wife, general practitioner) uses a finger to stimulate the uterus. It is not comfortable, but just lasts a minute. I had it done when I was preggo. For some women it works within hours, or can take days. But she will go into labor when she is ready....but these things can kick start it.

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