my daughter is pregnant

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my daugher is 21 years old and she is pregnant. she is living at home (but I am not sure if is for much longer) she almost had a miscarriage. her boyfriend was kick out of his house, i am not sure he has a permanent job or a house to live(because sometimes he sleep at home and i found out in the morning that he spent the night.
we are so tired of this situation and today we told her that he can not stpent the night anymore. she said she is going to spend the rest of the weekend in his uncle's house (where his boyfriend is living right now) and she will see what will she do> Im so worried because she has a difficult pregnancy and she needs to rest but we also are so tired os this situation. I don't know what to do


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You need to come up with a plan that outlines what is expected of her and yourselves during this time. Set time limits on things. Also work in what you expect the father of the child to be doing at this time. She is an adult and she needs to learn she can not just do whatever. She needs support yes, but she also needs to know that she needs to get her priorities straight because she has a baby on the way.

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If you do not want the boyfriend staying in your house... that is your choice. If she doesn't want to stay in your house w/out the boyfriend... that is her choice. I don't see as there's really anything else for you TO do. You make the rules for your house and it is completely up to her whether she abides by them or finds alternate living arrangements.


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What the others said. One should always have a set contract for adult children living at home, pregnant or not. This is not because you want to be a 'bad guy', but to protect all parties.

Start by setting out a simple contract outlining each party's responsibilities and expectations. If the boyfriend living in your home is a no go, then that is that. She should also be contributing to household expenses (room /board) pregnant or not. She's an adult. She made the decision to have sex, they got pregnant, now they need to grow up.

Good luck!

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