my daughter is sneaking around with boyfriend


Angela - posted on 10/28/2014




ok first time on here. My 15 year old has been boy crazy since 4th grade? She has had a serious relationship with a boy since she was 14 (that she HID from us), We upon finding out were told "you cant forbid kids they just do it behind your back" So we invited this boy into our lives with the understanding they would never get ALONE TIME. Now my daughter is 15 and about to turn 16 and we have endured break ups, make ups and crying over hes talking to other girls etc. My husband after the boy broke up with our daughter and literally was seeing another girl in less than 24 hours and seeing our daughter upset said "enough! hes not welcome here and you are enot to get back together with him. He is controlling and playing mind games and frankly your mom and I are sick of drama". Then the boy tweeted that we are "psycho" and "parents should be supportive" amongst other meaner that dont need to be mentioned. We found out they are still talking we took phone away. Now they sneak at school, football games, meet at his car in parking lot of school. What can we do if anything?

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