my daughter is so fresh to me, i am a single mom with a ton of guilt i can't seem to get hold of it!!


JuLeah - posted on 07/20/2011




I am not sure I am understanding you. To me, 'fresh' means smart mouth. Depending on her age, it is 'normal' If she is at an age where she is discovering the power of words and their impact on people ... respond with, that was sassy, or that was not a kind tone - try again.

And make sure she is not hearing sassy and rude of any adult in her life. Kids mimic.

As for your guilt??? Not sure I understand that at all. Guilt, to my way of thinking is pointless and useless. It allows a person to feel bad and just stay there as long as they like.

If change is desired, if a future that is different from the past is desired, if a focus on the positive is desired, if learning, growing, becoming all you can be, is the goal ... then guilt only slows the process down.

I have made mistakes, but I learn from then and move on.

As the saying goes, "you may lose, but don't lose the lesson"


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Constance - posted on 07/20/2011




Your statement is very broad. How old is your daughter? Why do you feel guilty?

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