My daughter is three and her father and I don't live together. Today she asked me why her daddy isn't always there and out of the blue asked me why I am not married?!? I could NOT believe the last part!! She is only three how could she know to ask that?? Can anyone help me with some advice?!?


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Well that is a hard one. If it were me I'd probably answer the first question with something like... Daddy has his own life to live, but he is always here for you when you need him. He loves you very much.

And the second question... I'm not married because I haven't met anyone I would like to be married to just yet.

Keep it simple, use words that she understands and be honest.

Good luck with it.


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Amber - posted on 04/05/2012




Thank you :) that was very helpful! I was really getting worried I might say the wrong thing or something.

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