My daughter is trying to quit drugs(not sure exactly what kind other than Loritab) but right now it seems she is sick some way every week. She's going through divorce and child custody battle because of being accused of drug use by husband. She is presently living with her father and mother (me). When she has a taken pain medicine she gets mean and angry at everything we do for her. On four different occasions she has hit me in the head and the law was called to our home. The law only talked to her telling her how lucky she was to have a roof over her head and food for her to eat. She does not respect either of us as her parents. What has me puzzled is her continued sickness. When a person addicted to drugs tries to kick these habits what effect does it have on that person's body. Could some of the sickness be caused by the


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Rehab usually involves medical, psychological and behavioral treatment. It sounds like she is in dire need of all three, either that or one hell of a good ass whoopin.

Depending on what drug(s) she is trying to quit can manifest in physical symptoms, some more in emotional symptoms. There can be vomiting, tremors, tightness in chest, headaches. There can be anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia. Those are just a few. There is a lot more information in the link below.

Honestly, I wouldn't let her kid anywhere near her, unsupervised. When I talk about supervised in this case, I mean by a professional. Someone with training and who is objective.

I'm not trying to be rude. But if she's got the balls to hit an adult who can fight back, what do you think she will do to a "needy," defenseless child? By needy, I mean normal, a child who needs/deserves love, attention, food, play time, a bath, etc. and those are the bare bones.

Where is she getting her refills? Most places don't hand that stuff out like candy. It is oxycodone/acetaminophen tablet. This is a link to an online support group/blog. There are various questions and answers about lortab and it's similar counterparts.

You need to understand that you cannot make a person do anything. You cannot force her to change. You can encourage and support her when/if she makes an honest effort. You can change your behavior. You might want to look into that. Not because her behavior and drug use is your fault...but so you can effectively manage how you respond to her behavior and how you can cope with this stress and stay healthy yourselves.

NA meetings might be a good start. They are free, usually there are several to choose from, you can listen and talk if you want, nobody judges you. Everyone speaks from experience.

Also, making excuses for her behavior or making it seem less than it is, will only hurt her in the long run and may end up causing undue harm that could have otherwise been prevented had you spoken up. I'm not saying you are doing that but just a caution you might want to think about if you are.

Please keep your grandchild safe. He/she needs your help more than your daughter. I know that might sound awful but she is apparently grown enough to have children and make her own decisions.

Your grandchild isn't. He/she is counting on the grown ups in his/her life to do the right thing. I've seen, first hand, what drugs and stress and other issues can do to a young mother...the kids did not fare too well. Nobody who could do anything about it did. They didn't want to believe their daughter and granddaughter would abuse or neglect her babies. When she went to jail for the umpteenth time, no one had the money to bail her out (thank God!!!) and the State finally got a clue and put them with a couple willing to take all 3.

Anyways, sorry for the mega long post. I tend to go on and on. I hope something helps. Good luck! Take care!

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