My daughter is turning 13 next month and i am looking for idea's for a them and what kind of cake. im big on b day partys but year im stuck on what to do?


Michelle - posted on 06/14/2013




What does she like? Why not ask her what she wants? She's 13 and I'm sure she has some idea of what she wants. My 12 and 9yo sons tell me what they want to do each year!

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Try inviting the girls in her class at school and maybe some other close friends as well. If your on a medium budget try a party in the backyard with fairy lights strewn everywhere and a karaoke machine and pizza for dinner. Start at maybe 4 and finish at 8pm. Tell the girls not to dress up too much but to look nice. Dont forget to play your daughters fave songs as well. It should be a nice, fun atmosphere. Hope this helps :)


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Lisa Ann - posted on 06/14/2013




she usually gives me ideas but this year she is saying well whatever you want to do mom, im getting too old for I like youe idea grace, she wants to re do her bedroon in zebra prtint so maybe i do somthing from that for the cake

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