my daughter is two n half years old.what she want she is doing that only.she dont listen my to teach all the things


Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 06/09/2013




You have to be firm and set boundaries with her. She needs to see consistency in your actions. Two year olds will push their parents out of curuosity but not because they are bad. She is testing her limits. If you tell her " you can't have a cookie unless you eat dinner" then you always have to make sure you don't give her that cookie. Give her positive reinforcement. Praise her lavishly when she does do the right thing. She will see how positive behavior gets her the attention she desires and negative behavior ALWAYS has consequences ( age appropriate consequences). Always keeping your word is so important . She needs to know if mommy says something then she means it. It isn't going to happen overnight but she will keep getting better and better . Also be as patient as possible when you start feeling frustrated . She will feed into your emotions and only keep getting more wound up if you get too frustrated. Good luck and I hope I helped

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