my daughter is VERY high anxiety about doctors, now she need ear surgury, how can i calm her to them

Mandy - posted on 03/16/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 7 year old daughter has lost all her hearing in her right year, after a 2 and a half hour appt with the pediatric ear , nose and throat dr. he came to the conclusion that she needs to have a myringotomy and tympanostomy tube placement. A very common procedure, but the thing is, my daughter has very high anxiety with doctors, even for just a checkup, she compleatly stresses out, dentists....forget it, the last dentist almost lost his finger. I was wondering, how can i help to calm my daughter down, to re assure her that doctors arent bad people, they are here to help her. her surgury has not been scheduled yet, and she is already quite wound up about it.


Louise - posted on 03/17/2011




Buy her a doctors kit and play doctors and nurses with her where the doctor always makes her toys better. Also contact the hospital and ask if there is anybody there trained to deal with anxious children. I am sure there are as this is very common. Ask them if they will come into your home and talk to your daughter, she may open up to them and asks questions. Another thing to consider is your body language if you are edgy then she will pick up on this. You need to be supper positive around the doctors and upbeat and cheerful. I know deep down you are probably worrid sick but you need to kid her into thinking this is a good thing and a positive thing.


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Cathy - posted on 03/17/2011




Maybe a visit to the hospital and a talk with the nurses there to explain what will happen to her when she goes to her surgerg, if she is going to a children's hospital, i'm sure they have experienced staff to handle this situation, as i sure she is not the only one

Kate CP - posted on 03/16/2011




I would ask the doctor about a sedative you can give her before you need to take her to surgery.

Katherine - posted on 03/16/2011




Have her just talk to the doctor without making an appointment for anything. Tell her she can ask any questions she wants and it's all about her.

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