My daughter just had her second seizure tonight

Elena - posted on 06/09/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Her first seizure was two years ago on valentines day, I was hoping it was just a freak random thing that would never happen again. We've been waiting to see a specialist since then, going to see my family doctor in the morning. I was wondering if epilepsy can be hereditary?


Ev - posted on 06/09/2015




No one here is a doctor and can tell you if your daughter has this but if all she has had is two seizures in her might be well worth to get it checked out to see what caused it. Usually, epilespy is mostly understood to be seen as a jerking type of motion that a person does when having the seizure. There are other types as well and they can be the kind that is like staring off into space and grand mal types of seizures. I was trained to look for certain signs for kids I worked with that would have the seizure disorders. But since I am not a doctor nor do I know your child or her health history, I can not give you a diagnosis. No one here can. You might check the more reliable sights that talk about this like some of the more well known hospitals that have information on things on their websites. It could give you an idea of what seizures are like, the types there are, and what they do for them. But it stumps me that she had one two years ago and then had another one now with nothing in between unless you did not tell all that is going on. My son had a situation where at nursery during church that he lay on the floor under a table and was motionless, did not respond to the care givers, and stared to space. He did it twice and they came and got me. I stayed in the room and watched him but he did not do it again. The next day we had him in to the doctor and told what had happened. The doctor ordered a brain reading done where they stick the probes to the head with glue and it lasts for a good while (can't remember how long we stayed he is 18 now). A couple weeks later after the check up the day after the issue happened and the brain reading, it came back normal. He had no other "seizures" since then. It was a freak thing like you are wondering about with your daughter.

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