My Daughter Kennedy Will Not Eat!!

Rowan - posted on 10/14/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been watching my daughter during breakfast and dinner and she does not eat a single bite, i try to talk to her but she says she's alright and i take her word for it. She has been getting skinny as in SKINNY, yet then she says she she is eating at school, whats happening? Why won't she tell me? I'm only 29 so im a little new at this. My daughter is 11. By the way everytime she comes from school and goes straight to her room and doesnt come back out until Dinner, and goes back to her room.


Chet - posted on 10/14/2014




This is pretty concerning...

Do you feel confident that your daughter has actually lost weight, and that she doesn't just look skinny because she's had a growth spurt?

I would talk to the school about what they have observed. See if her teachers or lunch room supervisors can confirm that she is (or is not) eating at school. Also, check to see if they've noticed behavioural changes with your daughter, problems she might be having with her peers, a change her attitude or level of confidence at school, etc.

I would take your daughter to the doctor. You want to make sure that she doesn't have any medical issues that are impacting her appetite or behaviour, and it would be good to determine if your daughter has become dangerously underweight. Your doctor will also be able to refer your daughter if she needs to see any type of a specialist.

I would also continue to show your concern. Don't be critical, or angry, or try to force her to eat or socialize with the family. Don't talk about how she looks. Just let her know that you care about her, and that are worried about her health and how she is doing. Focus on communicating concern and support.

Sometimes too, a broad question like "how are you?" is just too big of a question answer if she is dealing with a lot of complicated emotions and issues. It's easier to just say fine. Sometimes all you can do is start out with small talk, or even just doing an activity to together, and the real issues will come out gradually when you aren't probing.

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