my daughter nearly 14month , need tips on gettin her to go sleep in cot instead of held or put in pram, x


Louise - posted on 08/20/2011




Buy her a snuggle which is a teddy that has a teddies head and a blanket as a body and rug it around your body to get your scent on it. For the first few days make sure she has the teddy in her hand or near her to cuddle whilst she falls asleep. Then on night three place her in her cot awake with the snuggle. Leave her for 10 minutes and if she is upset go back in and settle her again using the snuggle. leave her again to self soothe. It may take quite some time but once she realises that you are around but not responding to every cry she will take comfort in the snuggle. All my kids have had snuggles they really work. My advice is to buy another one if she attaches to it so that you always have a spare.

My daughter takes her snuggle to bed every night but she is also very attached to a pram blanket which is fleecy. This blanket is now well traveled and I have one in the car and her bed.

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