my daughter refuses to potty train? so i let up, she needs to go to preschool!!!

Tasha - posted on 04/28/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 3 yr old refuses to wear big girl pants (I even let her pick them out) she wont go on the potty either! ive done the toilet, seat covers, potty chairs you name it! She has watched me and her siblings go, i ve let her be naked but thats a mess! She wants to go to preschool which is the only way they will take her (not licensed for diapers?). I could spend more $$ for her to go to a facility that allows diapers? but i dont think that will really help. ANY ideas, suggestions or words of encouragement is greatly appreciated. (she is the 3rd child and is about to beat autistic brothers record)


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Erica - posted on 04/28/2009




OMG Kathryn I LOVE THAT IDEA mines my 3rd also but it goes boy girl boy.... My daughter was the easiest. I tried diff potty chairs and such with the youngest. He finally found a potty he likes he is now potty trained but i let him go at his pase. He just turned 2 the end of January so im glad hes done :) hes just picky about where he goes lol

Kathryn - posted on 04/28/2009




Keep at it darl please dnt give up! She needs to know that if she doesnt learn how to go to the toilet she cant go to school which is something she wants to do. Praise herwhen she does i.e play her favorite game or favorite treat.... and when she doesnt do it have a consequence.... choices and consequences do work really well....... whay dnt you have a go at a praise chart..... in your case it could be a big picture of a school/nursery with a long winding path going towards it..... on the path draw lines across it so it looks like a grid and say "this is your pathway towards nursery..... & you do know you have to be able to go to the toilet yourself before you go to nursery dont you...... well every time you go to the toilet all by your self we'll coulour in a square of the path..... And when the path is all couloured in yur ready to start school!" this way she has something to work towards and will find it fun colouring in the path.... you can use these kind of praise charts for any thing.... Why dont you give it a go and get back to me to let me know how its going..... keep at it all my love kathryn x

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