My daughter's dad won't let me brush her teeth if she cries - please help.

Morgan - posted on 10/29/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




He doesn't like to hear his kids cry he says. Arg! I told him how the dentist told me to brush her teeth. He said it sounded cruel and I need to find a way to make it fun for her. I've tried that and nothing is fun every time for a toddler. Some days she will just say "no" because that's what she does every now and then at her age. I'm willing to let her cry. I think she should experience a full range of emotions with frustration being one of them. What do I do? I think this is just going to be one of the things I put my foot down about and hold my ground regardless of the verbal storm he throws my way. Right?


Amy - posted on 10/29/2012




I sing songs to make it fun for my daughter. But I don't sing them normal I do it in a very obnoxious voice. I know how important it is to take care of my kids teeth because no matter how much we brush my sons teeth he always has a cavity, he just has bad genes.

Let him go to the next dentist appointment so he "knows" how it needs to be done.

Dove - posted on 10/29/2012




Ask him if he'd rather be the one to take her to the dentist and listen to her cry as they fill her cavities..... If he doesn't want to hear her cry.. let him give it a shot first then.

Sure, it's great if you can make it fun for them, but if you have to pin them down and just get it done.... that's what you do. Causing them a little bit of pain/discomfort/annoyance for their BENEFIT is part of being a parent.


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