My daughter's father is a mysogynist

Nikki - posted on 07/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter's father is trying to withhold child support as long as he can this month just one of his controlling tactics in order for me to beg and plead and complain about how I need him for something. He has always payed his child support at the beginning of the month. I was giving it some extra days due to the holiday of Independence day but now I know that this is just one of his ways of controlling the situation. He knows that I pay child care before the 15th of every month so I will be waiting but I wont be begging. We got into a disaggreement about visitation and now he wants to make me suffer in some kind of way but he doesnt know that he is making his daughter do the suffering but as long as she has a mother that works hard and loves and a strong family bond she will never go without along with my her two siblings. Oh and by the way he just purchased another car late last month that is newer in model to add to the four other cars that he has already so there is no reason why my daughter should be waiting at all for her child support. It's frustrating but that's what he wants from me and I'm gonna stay as strong as possible.


Jodi - posted on 07/10/2012




Consider yourself lucky he is paying at all. Many women out there have exes who just don't pay, so they have had to make their way without relying on it. Basically, if I receive child support at all, I consider it a bonus. Many others are in the same boat. I do understand your frustration, but you know why he does it? Because he knows it inconveniences you. I would suggest that you get yourself into a position where you don't RELY on the child support to be able to raise your daughter, then he wouldn't do it.....

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