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My daughter's friend-

Stefanie - posted on 01/26/2020 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter Is 19, still at home, looking for work.Her friend, who I strongly feel in my gut distrust towards, has been an active member of our family circle for many years. She has two beautiful children, one is 4, and one is almost one.I always try to make her friend feel welcome, and I have spent enough time, to get attached to her children, but mostly, from a distance.When she comes over, thay all party, and I have an 11 year old, who dislikes the friend,so as I said, when she comes over, her boyfriend goes to hang out at a house about three houses away, and she stays here, with the children. I stay downstairs with my husband who had heart failure recently, and my 11 year old, who draws and plays video games most of the time. I feel trapped, because My daughter does not see, nor respect, that my heart gets broken, regularly by this friend of hers. Her little one, the four year old, used to come here, happily,and I would give her sweets, and she would color and let me spin her on the chair downstairs. But the last time the friend came over, her 4 year old was very different around me. When I went to wipe her little brother's runny nose, she said, "Don't touch my brother please," My heart sank when she said that, and the friend sat there, just smoking her weed, and not saying a word. I do not know how to handle this friend. I want to be able to be accepted by my daughter's friend, for the sake of everyone. I know, however, I am being continually under scrutiny by her. We have a strange, interaction, whenever she comes to see my daughter. Please help me , I do not want to feel estranged, and separated this way. I think the friend is a TOXIC FRIEND, but she keeps on a coming around, and I feel sorry for her sometimes, being a young mom, and struggling financially, as we all are. Anyways, if anyone can clearly figure this one out, please give me some good, Godly, motherly love advice!!!Thank you so much, Bunnyfoot

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