My daughter's mother in law has temporary shelter of her child

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Her son and my daughter got into a domestic problem and he went to jail. The woman never made an attempt to keep this child or see this child but maybe 6 times in his first two years of life. Then on Thanksgiving night after our family got together she and her son went to a friend's home and she did a drug it scared her she called 911 to get help and called the mother in law could not reach me and she came got the baby while at the hospital my daughter told her she could keep her son for three days until she got out. DCF never did a home study never gave my daughter paperwork and my daughter did not get a say so where she wanted her son if dcf had a say so in it, truth was they kept us from knowing that really we could go get the child because they had no temporary shelter via the courts. Then in Jan, they had a hearing and my daughter knew nothing about it til the day of and they served no papers to her they left her a message on phone there had been a hearing and that pgm was keeping child. To date the pgm is difficult we got fingerprinted as told and we cannot get to see child. The pgm lives with a man my daughter does not know and we do not know where they live. My daughter went into a program for forty days and left before graduating so she could return to get a job and home for her son which she did she and the father are staying clean and since my daughter left the place she was at receiving help the pgm refuses to let them see the child she will not let any of us see him nor can we speak to him she blocks our phone numbers. Well I do not understand the purpose of any of us getting clearance as far as the family because we cannot see him, my daughter now gets two hours with her son every two weeks this is not trying to reunite the child and parents at a park where all the child would want to do is play which is normal she is trying to get her life back on track taking classes she made a mistake. MGM gets a check which she has now asked that each time the parents see their child to bring him clothing and shoes.
My daughter has never been before the judge and or told her side, I being the mgm they have lived with me prior to this several times and I have been very active in his life since birth. DCF said now that I had been in and out of his life I said because you all and pgm has not made it easy for any of us to see him. She is punishing my daughter for leaving program we are all human and deserve second chance, my daughter was intelligent enough I guess to get help so nothing would happen and they punish her in a way they have never given her paperwork and never did a home study states 24 to 48 hours in state of Florida they are to do home study. My daughter has never hurt, mentally abused or abandoned her child, I baby sat when she worked and or was in college, it is frustrating to deal with this kind of system that is deceiving them and keeping them from their child, I am a RN and I understand that drug usage is a terrible thing our society is full of it, and kids remain in homes all the time where it is going on. I also know she made the choice, but to deny me as a grandmother just as she is and I have no record is reprehensible that she is allowed to keep him from his cousins and our whole entire family he has none on their side. I raised 6 children my oldest son died within the past two years, I lost my children['s dad (this daughter's daddy) we lost their cousin to a suicide as well as I lost my daddy their granddaddy all within eighteen months a little stressful and the pgm gives it no thought that maybe a little compassion goes a long way we know she has lied and been told story after story we are sure which is called gossip we need a family mediation do not know what to do to get a voice I hired an attorney whom did much of nothing it is all about the money not this precious child. My mother some years ago was murdered and I found her in her home when my kids were young this family has been through enough and maybe some of the problems have stemmed from that I get couseling on a regular basis, I am responsible but DCF does not even communicate and are rude I try to be nice and they are tough to deal with, What should we do I am tapped out on money I want my grandson back or at least visit and maintain our relationship pgm never raised her own children and is a known alcoholic but reformed possibly a year I am not throwing stones no one is perfect we all have done things, but to be living with a man whom we do not know and her son my grandson has never known is not right and DCF said we had the right to know him and also know where they live this stuff has never happened, I mean I can pay payments to an attorney and they could too but whatever happened to the pro bono attorneys whom help those who need it??
Have not found in any this area Any suggestions in regards what we can do in this Sunshine STate of Florida, My daughter is depressed and is becoming more depressed not seeing her son due to unresponsive pgm. This is mean and vindictive and punishing, If any advice please let me know, I appreciate it, God Bless


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And has your daughter consulted with a family attorney? Has her husband?

You, as the grandparent, may not be able to do anything, but they do have avenues. One thing you need to consider is that your daughter may be considered non compliant, since she left her program early and without consent. That will cause huge issues.

DCF is looking after the child. His parents are known users, so they have to be vigilant. Known users have a very hard time regaining custody, unless they follow ALL directions, participate fully in ALL programs necessary, and FINISH THEM.

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