My Daughter's Swim School is Requiring Her to Wear Diapers in and Out of the Pool; what Should I do?

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I recently signed my daughter up for in-door swimming classes. Before signing up when entering the building I was speaking to someone at the front desk about classes when my daughter had a accident. She doesn't typically have accidents but she's four, it happens. Anyways, I cleaned her up and we came back to the front desk. I was asked enter a room with another person who would speak to me about signing my daughter up for the classes. I was asked to read the pool/school Policies/Rules and explain them to my daughter, my daughter was then told to say that she understood the rules. I was asked to specifically pay attention to these rules because of what happened at the front desk:
"(4)All children 3 years or younger or those who are not fully potty trained/potty trained are required to wear approved swim diapers (no exceptions will be made). Approved swim diapers are for sale at the front desk. Members must have all diapers checked by the front desk prior to entering the pool facility. All children with approved diapers will receive a wristband that must be visible on the child at all times. Lifeguards will conduct diaper checks and all members not in compliance will be asked to leave for the remainder of the day.
(5)If a student defecates in the pool, or soils themselves outside the pool/pool area without a diaper on it is critical that the office staff be notified immediately. After the first occurrence of any of those situations, the student (regardless of age) is required to wear both a disposable swim diaper and a vinyl cover under their swimwear as well as a regular disposable diaper while inside the facility/outside the pool/pool area. (no exceptions will be made for either situation).
(6)Changing tables are provided in each pool restroom. Changing clothes or diapers of small children is prohibited on the pool deck, pool furniture, benches and locker room furniture. "
I reassured her that it would be fine and that she was fully potty trained. I stated that she normally doesn't have accidents. She told me that it would be fine aslong as she did not have a accident again considering she was not yet a student but, that she still recommends she wears swim diapers and that it's for her own good. I still turned her recommendation down. Before she started her first class I made her sit on the potty for a little while. When she started her class she pooped in her swim suit about five minutes in and some floated to the top of the water. This has never happened considering this was her first swimming class and all. Never the less the pool was shut down for a little while and as I was exiting the building with my daughter I was stopped by the lady at the front desk. She proceeded to tell me that my daughter is required to wear a disposable swim diaper while inside the pool/pool area from now on. She also told me that because of what happened she cannot be allowed inside the facility without a regular disposable diaper on. I was a bit frustrated at this and requested to speak to another lady and I was told the same thing. I've already payed all the money for the class (which by the way was a lot) and they don't refund money. What should I do?


Gena - posted on 11/12/2014




Would you like your child to swim in a pool where other children have made a sh*t in? You do realize how disgusting it is? Sorry but its just disgusting,ofcourse its normal and accidents happen,but if a diaper helps then use it!! And if you dont want her to wear a diaper,well then you lost the money.

Amy - posted on 11/12/2014




So she had an accident twice? Put her in diapers till you are absolutely positive she isn't going to have an accident, I'm sure it costs a lot of money for them to be sure the pool is safe to swim in after an accident.

Michelle - posted on 11/12/2014




I'm with Jodi, you've asked the question and received the answers.
There are rules that are for the safety of everyone else that uses the pool. You may not think anything of it and it's an accident but it can be very harmful for everyone. If she doesn't have any accidents in the diapers then you may be able to talk to the management later but for now either agree to their rules or go elsewhere.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/13/2014




You should obey their rules if you want your daughter to swim there. Maybe you have blinders on a bit? no offense, but she had an accident at the front desk and IN the pool. This is a concern for HEALTH. Not for your pride. Your daughter is still potty training. She needs a diaper in the pool area. Just think about it. You are paying for classes, and a child your daughters age poops in the pool. You would be pretty pissed off that your money is wasted for the day, and the health hazard that has occured. Get over it.


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Raye - posted on 11/13/2014




If the rules were explained to you, and you still decided to pay the money and sign her up for classes, then you have to abide by their rules or discontinue the classes without a refund. If you explain to your daughter that it's just one of the rules at this one place, and she's still expected to go potty in the toilet if she can help it, then I don't see what the problem is.

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