My daughter started to go to school when she was 30mos (septmbr 2013) and n her first week of school got right away this cough. Now shes 3yo but the coughneverleft her. Went already to 3 diff pedias and found nothing in her lungs. God, wat wil be the prob then.?


Sarah - posted on 03/06/2014




Have you tried cough medicine? It could be really bad asthma. Go to a allergy doctor for kids and see what might be the problem. My sister was like that because she was allergic to cats and had bad asthma. We didn't know what it was so we took her to the allergen and he said she has bad asthma symptoms that are coughing especially around cats or allergy season. She needed to get a inhaler and the cool things is that now they have little tube things that make it easier for little kids to take inhalers. I hope this helped and you are scheduling a appointment for her.

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