my daughter sufferes with constipation

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Please help girls. Two weeks ago I started giving my daughter ucerax drug given by my doctor. Since that time I have notice that my 2.5 year old ( potty trained) ocasionally was jumping like never before. I was watching her and found out that every time she wants to go to toilet - she was jumping and then sat on the floor, like she want a ,, urge ,, to go away. Than she started pooing the knikers . very litlle some days 5-6 time a day,She is ok with wee but when I can see of her face that she need poo she will not sit on toilet or potty, she is affraid of pain she says. Went to the doctor who said is not related to medication at all and just wait and see. Two weeks now and she is suffering badly. I am giving he rmore pears , pruns high fibre food but no help at all.


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This is very common. Once they have had a painful stool, they associate that with the potty. Really, ucerax? That is a sedating antihistamine for itching or allergic reaction. Also sometimes used for anxiety, not constipation. In any event, I would try polyethelyne glycol, drug name MiraLax in the US. It comes in a powder and you can mix it in water, juice, etc. It is tasteless and colorless. It is an osmotic that draws water into the stool to soften it and make going easier.Give her 17gms (one capful) in 8 oz of liquid daily until she has soft stools. It may cause her to have diarrhea, so if that happens, cut back to half dose or every other day. The idea is to get her to have soft, painless stools daily so that she loses the fear. Also do some stool training by putting her on the potty about 10 minutes after meals. The intestines go into action in response to food. Be patient with her and she will get over her fear and doesn't have constipation. Also continue with giving her lots of water and high fiber foods.

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Pears, prunes, yogurt, lots of water, grapes, oranges, limit intake of breads, crackers, give lots of ruffage, and fiber. Sometimes their refusal to poop is what causes constipation, and she is about that age where controlling her bowel movements becomes a big ass challenge for parents in the potty training department. Have you had to back to pull ups?

My son went through a period of pooping his pants, and he was fully potty trained. It lasted about 4-6 months. It can be normal for this to happen.


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Iwona - posted on 01/28/2012




Hi thank you very much fo ryour help. She wont let me put pulll ups. Gosh 4-6 month of this horror. I wish to get over this problem now. hmm .... Thnak you

To Neva Jarvis

Ucerax she was given by dermatologist to stop her scratching during the night . But I thought this constipation it could be a side effect of this medication. Could it be??? I am not sure shall I stop giving her ucerax. Would it be possible that this could cause constipation? You advice is very good, thank you I will get it tomorrow.,

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