My daughter talks to a imaginary friend is it ok for me to let her keep talking to him.

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My daughter often talks to someone that isn't there his name is max and she plays with him. Should I put a stop to it and is it normal? I have been telling her to stop talking to him because I don't want her to be the weird kid in school when she starts this fall. What should I do?


MONICA - posted on 07/23/2009




You know it has been said that young children can see spirits. These "imaginary" friends could in fact be their guardian angels or their spirit guides. So just because we are unable to see them don't mean they are not there. So if in fact they are there imaginary friend, play along with them. These "friends" may be whats keeping your children safe. So treat them as if you see them too!!!

Robyn - posted on 07/23/2009




LOL... My son has a whole imaginary family (another mom, brothers and sisters). He is seven now and tells me that his imaginary family stays at home while he is at school. I spoke to the school only to find out that my son did not speak about his imaginary family. We have adapted his other family into our family and as time continues to go by, we are now hearing less about them. Its just a phase, but I am sure going to miss the story he tells about them. Enjoy this even though its strange, It will not last for much longer! Good luck!

Stephanie - posted on 07/23/2009




My son had one also. He eventually grew out of it. I feel like it makes them be more creative and open minded to things. He has grown to enjoy several different hobbies that include a lot of thought process. I like to think it because of his creativity when younger.

Anna - posted on 07/23/2009




You are going to think I am a little daft but here goes. She will only feel weird if you treat this as weird. I dont know where your spiritual beliefs sit so I apologise if this doesnt fit in or offends you in any way.The friend is not is someone who visits her,talks to her,plays with her. Just because you cant see him doesnt mean he isnt there. This is not a bad thing unless it frightens her. Listen to what she says about him,she will surprise you with the detail she knows. Chances are she will soon block this ability anyway so the "problem" will solve itself. Three of my 5 children had imaginary friends. You cant put a stop to it as it is very real to her, down play it & Max will fade.....usually happens when they start school.

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Mine at 11 still has her friend show up once inawhile. I believe they are spirits that come to our children. It will all be fine

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Connie - posted on 11/15/2013




my 11 yr old step daughter talks to herself, and her imaginary friends all the time, in fact she plays like a 4-5 yr old all the time and does not want to learn or do things normal kids her age do. She prefers to play made up games. I believe it has become harmful to her as she has not progressed in school and can barely read at a 1st grade level. My wife does not want to address the problem. She is so far behind normal kids her age.

Paris - posted on 07/23/2009




dont dicourage it its great for helping develope a heathly imagination and she will grow out of it.

Lisa - posted on 07/23/2009




Talking to an imaginary friend is not something I would be concerned about unless she is using the imaginary friend to take the blame for things that she might be doing. I had an imaginary friend when I was growing up and I turned out just fine. The need for an imaginary friend, for me, was a result of not having anyone to relate to or play with as a youngster.

Ashley - posted on 07/23/2009




Lol, my daughter has a whole team of imaginary friends.... I let it go, her older brother was in school, so she was home alone and bored, when her brother finished school, the friends didn't seem to come up as much, and when we got our new puppy, we heard about them even less. It's perfectly normal for her to make up games, so why not make up some friends to play those games with her.... when she goes to school, her new friends (the real ones) will make quick work of pushing those imaginary ones right out of her mind.... and I'm sure some of those real friends she will meet will have imaginary friends too...

Rhionna - posted on 07/23/2009




Most kids have an imaginery friend atthis age, she's just a creative little soul and it's nothing to worry about! Try to make Max a part of the family, play tea parties with ur LO and set a place for him.Some kids act things out with dolls and some kids act the same thing out with their special friend.

It's just a phase and she'll grow out of it when she's ready!

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