My daughter teased at school for hairy legs… What should I do?

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My daughter is 8 and she has hairy legs… The other day, she told me that her friends tease her because of her hairy legs and asked me for help. I do not want her to start shaving, so do not know what to do. I told her she is beautiful as she is, but she is starting to question what she can do to fix it! What should I do?


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I can totally see JuLeah's point, and wish that I could give the same advice.


Sometimes you pick your battles. And I worry sometimes that in trying to make a point about our kids not having to fit in, we're making them suffer the consequences for our own ideology.

I totally get that it's ridiculous that an 8 year old should feel pressured to remove her leg hair. I get that. But at that age, self-esteem is still SO fragile, and "friends" can turn on you on a dime.

I guess I just wonder if maybe the time to make such a major statement about individuality is when she's a little bit older and a little more self-assured.

Standing against the crowd is admirable and wonderful...but when you're a little kid...well, that's a big burden.

And I realize that my position is nowhere near as brave or admirable as JuLeah's. But I just remember being that age, and wanting desperately to fit in. At that age, your friends are your universe.

It's up to you, but I would say to try to respect her wishes on this. She's the one who has to face those girls, not you.

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I would let her shave. I would stand firm on something that could cause her physical harm or something that is ridiculously expensive or something that was against our family's morals. Shaving doesn't fit into any of those categories. I hid the fact that I did not shave my legs to the point that it could have been harmful...wearing sweat pants in gym class in 90 degree weather. I was an embarrassed little girl, but I assure you that I grew into a confident woman. :)

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If she were not teased about that it would be her height, or hair color, or glasses, or freckles ..... so what, each time a people comment she will change who she is, what she is, to better fit in?

Breast implants? Nose job? Cancer causing chemicals in her hair, high heels that damage her back and legs ....

This is an issue for women, more so for American women where we place such a high value on looks; Your worth drops if you are not good looking

So, teach her to stand strong in the face of this, to not give in to this .... and good luck!!

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My daughter is also 8 and gets teased too. Let her shave her legs, because do you want your child to cry everyday for her hairly legs and get a low selfesteem, or to you want your child happy?

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i shaved my legs at that age. i had too. i have dark hair and the hair om legs was very noticeable compared to the other girls.

if your worried about the razor part, why not try one of those hair removal things that you just rub against the spot? i cant remember what it is called but my sister use's due to bad razor burn and she said it works well. she gets it at walmart. its those pads that are black and it feels gritty.

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I would absolutely look into hair removal options. Girls don't generally mature into accepting their hairy legs. They eventually start shaving or waxing. If your daughter is going to do it eventually I don't see any value in making her suffer with self-consciousness for three or five years before you address the situation.

I've sworn though that our girls won't shave. When they have body hair and want to do something about we'll pay for waxing or laser treatments. The cost of razors adds up quickly, and it doesn't do anything to ultimately reduce or eliminate hair growth. Depilatory creams and bleaches are expensive and the chemicals can be absorbed into your skin.

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If she needs to shave, she needs to shave. It's sad that her friends are teasing her though. They don't really sound like friends.

Christy - posted on 10/18/2011




Maybe you can shave her legs? I don't think the teasing will let up until the hair is gone. Sorry to say but that's how it is. Or maybe use some nair on her legs, although that stuff STINKS.

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If her legs are actually hairy.... teach her to shave or use a product like Nair or something that doesn't involve a razor.

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