my daughter thinks i dont love her no more because i am unable to drop and pick her up from school,she is in pre school and am a nursing student,how can i explain this to her without making her think am putting my school before her??


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Kelita - posted on 09/29/2012




am not a single parent but we both leave early for work at the same most of the time she is with my mom and my sister. she makes it no problem as her dad is not there to drop her pick her up because she says her dad has to buy her snacks.

Ella - posted on 09/16/2012




Lol belive me the older they get the better there blackmail gets,I can be in the middle of chaos when my 8yr old suddenly insists I cum c sum thing if I carnt he says its because u don't care lol don't take it personally x

S. - posted on 09/15/2012




"mummy needs to go to school so I can get a good job and be able to buy you nice things and give you a good life"

I am not sure how old pre school is I am guessing 3-4 ish? The child is just playing up, it's emotional blackmail really. You know you have to put your school first to give your child a better life, don't bite say "I love you but I need to go to school, just like you do"

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