My daughter thinks there are monsters in her room, any advice on how to get her out of this stage ?

Brittany - posted on 05/12/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter thinks there are monsters in her room, any advice on how to get her out of this stage ?


Brittany - posted on 05/25/2012




Thanks for all of the advice! She is 2 and a half and i did not have any trouble for about a week now but her biggest problem was the shadows, that's was what she would call monsters! If she has any trouble again I will for sure be using some of your tips!
Thanks Girls :)

Denikka - posted on 05/12/2012




Depends on how old your daughter is. The two biggest things I've seen/heard of that works is a *monster hunt* where you go beat up the monsters and scare them away (you can get the kid involved. Make it lots of fun. Make sure to get EVERYWHERE :P) or the monster spray. It doesn't have to be just water. It tends to be more helpful if it smells a little bit, more like real bug spray. You can put in a few drops of essential oil (lavender is super popular cause it's also calming) or, if you regularly wear perfume, use some of that or dads aftershave. Gives the sense that you or dad is in the room. Leaves your *presence* as it were.
Good luck :)

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I got my son a dream catcher and told him it was to keep the monsters and bad dreams away and as long as it was in his window he was protected. With my daughter she has a bear that protects her from the monsters. My friend used a small spray bottle with water in it and took it in her daughters room told her it was monster spray (like bug spray) that they didn't like it and would run away.


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In case you need it in the future, I taught my daughter to scare the monsters away. "I'm the big (name) monster and YOU (to the monster) need to GO AWAY!" Then I would tell her I saw him run down the street. Sometimes, I asked her what color he was. Taking charge helped move the monsters out and all I need to do now, if they creep back in, is remind her how to get rid of them. :)

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does she like elmo or any of the sesame street gang? Or monsters inc? ;)

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I bought a water bottle at the dollar store and put a label on it that said " Monster Spray" and told my son it was a special spay to keep monsters away. I filled it with water and at bed time I would walk around my son's room and spray in the closet, under the bed and anywhere else he said is were monsters hid, and miraculously the monsters went away.

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My son went through that but now that is is four, almost five, monster haven't come in his room for about eight months. I first asked him where all the monsters where and showed him what was making the shadow that caused the "monster." It kinda worked but he still said there were monsters in his closet. I told him the next day that monsters aren't real. I let him watch Monster Quest which is looking for real animals. We then watched destination truth and they were looking for ghost. I got him to believe that they were people dressed up in bed sheets and old clothing. I showed him what I looked like under a bed sheet and it made it fun we played ghost hunters. I then put on a wig and we played monster hunters and I was the monster. He now tells me that ghost hunters need knew jobs cause ghost aren't real. I also told him that his monster truck night light will run them over before he even knows they are there. He also has a dream catcher which I tell him stops anything from coming into his room. Sometimes they need to see to believe. Its called monster quest but it is real live animals.

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Sit her in theliving room and go 'beat up' the monsters. Tell her they're too scared to come back when you're done.

Worked for me and my son was thrilled that MOm could protect him that way.

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