My daughter wants a Facebook account when she's 13...

Rowan - posted on 01/24/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm not sure. Last week, there was a 16-year-old who got raped because she offered to meet a "friend" in person just in the same city as me! I've spoken firmly about nude pics and inappropriate behaviors online, she understands now.... Im not sure what to say. She will turn 13 in Febuary 1st. Should there be an age limit about friending other teens? I will friend her and be her password so I can monitor her and if I find anything inappropriate, there will be consequences. Her school has been talking about Internet safety ever since the 11th grader got raped by a man pretending to be a "boy only a year older than her". I said there are many kids who has got killed, committed suicide, or taken away for Internet-related situations. Any ideas?


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Sarah - posted on 01/24/2015




Even though Facebook allows 13 yo to join. I personally find it to be an adult social media site. If you do allow her to open an account, it sounds like you've got a plan to keep her from wandering into trouble. I do agree with Dove, that the only friends she make should be people she knows personally and are within a certain age range. My 18 yo has had an account since 16 and I do not monitor him any more. I did for two years. My daughter is 15 and she was permitted to open an account and join the pages for school and her volleyball club. I do not permit her to directly friend her coaches. Her teachers at school are not allowed to friend her as part of school policy. I check in several times a week and I am a friend as well, so far so good.

Dove - posted on 01/24/2015




Whether or not you do allow it is completely up to you. I recently allowed my daughter to get an Instagram account. She knows about internet safety and that even w/ good privacy settings... nothing online is REALLY private. Her account is set to private and she is only allowed to be followed by people she actually knows... period. None of this 'friend of a friend' or 'person that is her age' nonsense. If I ever ask her who a person is and she can not tell me who he/she is and how she knows them... she will be required to have that person unfollow her... no exceptions.

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