My daughter wants to date

Danielle - posted on 01/17/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 11 years old and she asked me if she could go out with this boy named But I don't know what to do because although she is REALLY mature she is still my baby and he doesn't look like a player or act like one but he tried to kiss her before so I am worried they will get to close. He is sweet though he gave me a gift basket and called me mom..... is that bad? He called my daughter babe and they went in her room together but I was ease dropping but all I heard was music but when I walked in they were under a blanket together. Help???


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Jodi - posted on 01/17/2014




She is too young to be going out alone with boys. Sorry, but it doesn't matter how mature she is. She also shouldn't be in her room together. At her age, fully supervised, and that's it. Don't kid yourself that nothing will happen. If you allow the space for it, it will. At that age, I allowed my son to go to the movies with a GROUP of friends, I picked up, I dropped off, I escorted them in to the theatre, I KNEW all of his friends, and that was it. No WAY would I be okay with he and a girl being together on their own at that age, not because I don't think he is mature and sensible, but because hormones at this age are totally unpredictable. After all, lots of kids never INTEND to do anything they shouldn't, but listen to all the stories where "it just happened". Well, that's how it just happens.

Leigh - posted on 01/17/2014




Even if she is mature, she is still a child. I think it is okay to refer to this boy as boyfriend, but I would say dating is out of the question. Kids are in way to much of a rush to grow up. I have an 11 year old step daughter as well and she is way more mature than any 11 year old that I have been around. She is way to informed and is also pressing about dating. I don't think so! lol Not happening. I had to wait till I was able to drive to date and even that was hard to do. If i would have caught her under the sheets with a boy, that little boy would not be welcome in my house. If he visits make it known that he is not able to go back to their room. You have to be strict on this issue, do not ease up at all. If you are passive and give her to much freedom with this boy, I would be very worried about something much more happening with much more life changing results.

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