my daughter wants to hang out with her new boyfriend every day

Marsha - posted on 06/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a very smart and pretty daughter. Not very comfortable, but we agreed for her to have her boyfriend (didnt see much choice anyways). summer time, she has Educational bootcamp class for 4 hours and another 4 hours practice for cheers. and then she has to study for at least 2 hours. she is asking me,she wants to hang out with him after she is done with her homework. I am just not comfortable with her "hanging out" every day. I told her we should have some ground rules maybe 2-3 times a week maximum, and she was very unhappy about that. She is very polite and wants to make me happy. I dont know how to respond to this. truthfully, we dont want her to have boyfriend, but we know we cant control her 100%. We have me the boy, been to dinner together twice. he seems pretty descent, but still this idea for us is so hard to swallow!!


Dove - posted on 06/25/2013




How old is she?

If you aren't comfortable with the boyfriend idea... tell her that and explain why. WHO is the parent in your household? Granted, if she's around 16 I would tend to agree with you that she's going to do what she's going to do, but.... if she can't drive... you still have a lot more power than you think (though yes... I'm aware they will do what they will do when mom and dad aren't around still).

Lay down some ground rules if she is going to have a boyfriend... 2-3 times/week is MORE than enough... seeing each other in public places or under parental supervision, etc... Get to know the guy and invite him over on YOUR turf. Find a compromise with your child that makes YOU comfortable as well.

Good luck! My oldest isn't there yet (so yeah... I'm kind of just winging it on the, but I know it's fast approaching.

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