my daughter was born 12 12 12 im breast feeding and its like right after i feed her she wants to eat again or its like she is useing me as a human pasifire and she wont take a real one i give in but im afraid ill turn her into a blimp but she cries so hard i have no choice any ideas


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Dove - posted on 12/23/2012




She's perfectly normal. Just let her nurse whenever she wants. I know it's exhausting, but it's the best thing for her... and your supply. She might gain weight quickly (my son gained 12 ounces in 3 days as a newborn), but it will even itself out eventually.

Vivienne - posted on 12/23/2012




Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!
You can't overfeed a breast fed baby. Chubby babies are formula fed. Yes, it sometimes feels like they won't stop feeding, or won't sleep, but they eventually do. Breastfeeding will all settle down,but it may take a few months. Just think how much nutritious goodness you are providing for your little girl, that will lay foundations for good health for both of you and strengthen the bond between you. May you be a blessing to one another.

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