My daughter was in such a state this morning going to school,I don't drop her but she travels with people that drop my son off as well,my son says their daughter also my daughter's age bullies her and says horrible things to her.I witnessed this yesterday with one of the other little girls that also gets a lift with them,my daughter didn't want to go to school yesterday,so I kept her home.She has also started aftercare which makes her day longer as well.I spoke to the girls dad today,but I am afraid that something else is going on but am not sure how to approach the subject except head on and deal with the consequences!My son is fine traveling with them but he is much older.Could it just be a change in routine that is upsetting her?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/27/2012




I think the girl bullying her is what is upsetting her. It is awful being forced to be in close quarters with someone that bullies you. Is there a way for you to bring her to school instead? Or maybe take over the carpool to see if things change? What did you say when you talked to the father, did he say he has noticed this behavior?

Keeping her home from school is going to do nothing for her, but show her how to run from her problems. Talk to your daughter, and teach her how to handle a bully, depending on how she is being bullied.

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