My daughter was not allowed to eat lunch yesterday until after nap time (almost 7 hours) as a form of discipline at her preschool. Has anyone else had this happen?


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Rochelle - posted on 10/10/2012




I actually have a call into our state's education department to further inquire. I have already spoken with the director of her preschool who tried to put it back onto my daughter's behavior and that the teacher was just following through on her threat. My response was that the teacher should not have even threatened taking her lunch away from her in the first place, and obviously the teacher needs to revisit her discipline techniques. I was a high school educator myself prior to having my daughter 4 years ago, and NEVER would I have ever been able to hold a student back from lunch as a form of discipline. And those were high school kids - my daughter is 4!!!

September - posted on 10/10/2012




I've never had that happen and if I did my child would no longer attend that preschool. Who the heck does that? That is no way to discipline a child!

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