my daughter was snatched by her dad. :'(

Donna Louise Rebbeca - posted on 03/30/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello to all the mums on here, i would love to get a few answers from you all my daughter was snatched by her dad at the age of 6 months old she is now 18 months i have fighter and fighter in court but nothing seems to be getting my girl back were she belongs, they told me because he was on the birth certificate that they couldn't bring her back, this all happened after the nasty split up we had. I just want her back and need abit of help on what to do. IM new on here so don't no if ive done it right. Please kadys get back to me x


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Ev - posted on 03/30/2014




Did you have custody set up in the first place? If not then as Jodi said, he has the same rights to have her as you do. You should have set up custody, visitation, and child support (all separate issues really) so that it protected you, the child and him in a few ways. It would protect the child's best interests in whom she would live with, visitation with the other parent, having relationships for both and for her welfare. It would have protected the parents in the sense that it would list who had custody, who had visitation and what those visits were, who paid the child support and what amount according to the state, country, or province you live in is set for. It would also set out the rules on how things would work with this. It would hold both parents liable for their set responsiblities.

Jodi - posted on 03/30/2014




Basically, fathers have the same rights as mothers. So that is why they can't just bring her back. If you have been to court, did you at least get visitation? Just remember, being a mother doesn't give you automatic right to have full custody.

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