My daughter... What should I do?

Sarah - posted on 10/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So yesterday, I was coming home from work early, which I didn't tell my daughter (Who's 14 by the way)... We are a really healthy eating family so I decided to surprise her with her favorite pie! Either way, when I walked in the house, I made my way to her room, where I found my daughter naked, on her bed; playing with herself.

I screamed because I was shocked, and then I quickly ran out... Things have been very tense since the incident... I have no idea how to sit down and talk with her... What do I do?


Jodi - posted on 10/12/2013




Why did you not knock first and ask permission to come in? Kids are entitled to their privacy too. I would never DREAM of just walking into one of my teenagers rooms if the door was closed.

Just talk to her and let her know you are sorry you barged into her room, that you recognise you invaded her privacy and it won't happen again. If she is feeling embarrassed, just let her know that masturbating is a fairly normal part of our sexual development and health, and that she should learn to be comfortable with her own body and sexuality.

Obviously, if the door was not closed, then you need to ask her to please, in future, close her door if she does want her privacy.

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