My daughter will eat anything and everything, but, how do I know if her eating habits are a problem?

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She seems to be hungry ALL THE TIME. Shes at a normal weight and height for her age (2 years) but Im so woried that with her appetite shes going to become one of those Maury show babies thats morbidly obese at 3 years old! She eats healthy for the mopst part, hardly an junk or excessive sugar.. its just the huge appetitie that concerns me I guess. (and maybe the fact that shes not picky at ALL about what she eats... that seems weird also... like shes so hungry she'll eat anything! ... arent babies supposed to be finicky eaters!!!??)


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As long as she's doing a lot of physical activity she should be fine. My 3 year old daughter is exactly the same. She eats like a horse, but is never still for more than a few minutes at a time. At this age they use a lot of calories in growing as well.

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you're blessed with a good eater!

like you said, she's not into junk food and no excessive sugar. as long as she sleeps well, eat well, alert and of good weight, she's a healthy baby!

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LUCKY YOU!!!!! just be sure to offer her healthy foods over unhealthy ones and I'm sure she won't end up on Maury lol. My daughter eats very little (lots of varieties, but not much of anything) and is sooooooo tiny (healthy but little) and my son eats TONS of everything lol. He's a big boy (healthy not overweight or anything, but solid). Kids eat when they are hungry and don't eat when they are not. If she is "normal weight height for her age and her ped. isn't concerned, count your blessings. Lots of moms are worrying on the other end of the scale lol

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Consider yourself blessed! LOL!

If her weight is healthy and her height is close to the same percentile as her weight, I'd just feed her whenever she wants. The only thing you really have to watch is portion control. If she eats large amounts of food in one sitting, you may want to find out what the normal portion size is for her age, and try to help her eat close that amount by feeding her often, but not large amounts.

If she is really active with exercise and her pooping habits are normal, you probably have nothing to worry about.

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That is great! I have two boys 7 and 4. The 7 year old is VERY picky, but the 4 year old will eat anything that isn't nailed down. Take advantage of it and try everything! She will probably get a little picky around 4 and not want to eat stuff that she has loved all along. As long as she is active she will be fine, the doctor will let you know if she is getting too heavy. Plus, think of how active she is and think of all of the calories that she all equals out. Plus those kids you see on Maury do nothing but sit around and eat junk food and watch TV all day!

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Let her eat all she wants!!! I'm sure there will be times that you will be concerned she's not getting enough! As long as you give her healthy choices she will be fine! BTW, the picky eating could still be coming.........

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No, there are plenty of kids that eat anything....that's a GREAT thing!!! I will be so happy if my daughter is not a picky eater at that age....she is almost 8 months and isn't a picky eater yet. A lot of toddlers are always hungry(there are alot in my family)...they are always on the go! They are burning up all of the calories that they put into their little bodies. As long as she isn't eating a lot of junk and she isn't overweight then I don't know why you are worried. If there was a problem her doctor would say something. Maybe she is going through a growth spurt! As long as snacking doesn't keep her from eating real meals I would let her eat when she's hungry. Don't worry hun! You are doing GREAT!!!!

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Not Really. My son is 13Months old and Eats & eats without getting full.
He is a whopping 38pounds at 13months which I know sounds bad but he doesnt look it.
He is perfectly healthy. Babies who eat more are likely to be healthy adults as Long as it isnt junk and to much sugar.
If you google you question it will give you answers. I was worried about my sons eating habits to but my dr said its fine. He is just growing so needs more food.
Healthy not a sick bug in him. Its fine and nothing to worry about. =)

Firebird - posted on 01/25/2010




Not all of them are picky eaters. As long as she's eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise, I see no reason to be concerned.

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