My Daughter won't sleep!!!!!

Michelle - posted on 04/20/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My seven year old daughter has always been a poor sleeper, but in recent months her sleeping has become worse.
We do the same routine every night, dinner bath story and bed, but she just lies there until 11pm some nights!!!! It's like she has insomnia. Once she's asleep, she wakes in the night and comes into our bed. I am a heavy sleeper and sometimes I don't even hear her come in she just appears in our bed!!!!! Our other daughter is 6 and she sleeps perfectly in her own bed every night.
I have tried talking to my daughter about different things like if there's something troubling her at school, or if she's unhappy about something and that she can talk to us about it, but she says she just can't sleep. I'm worried that this will have long term affects on her school work etc.
Both the kids are involved in after school activities, so it's not as if they sit around, they are both very active, and should be tired at the end of a day.
I have tried the rescue remedie and sleep spray (all herbal) all with no success. Some people have suggested using phenergen, but i don't want to.
Does anyone have any advice or something different I could try to help her go to sleep, she's just getting too old for this, she'll be 8 soon!!!!!!!! It just doesn't end.


Janette - posted on 04/20/2009




I can sympathize as neither of my daughters are good sleepers and have not been since the beginning. My oldest is now almost 16 and still has trouble going to sleep. She is not the typical teenager that sleeps all the time, rather I find things on facebook that she posted in the wee hours of the morning. I believe they got this from their dad's side of the family.

I tried everything from Orange juice to warm milk before bedtime and none of it worked. I even have tried chamomille tea, which worked a little but not completely. As much as I think I will "hear about it" from other moms, what I finally did was put a tv in the room a put a video on to help them to go to sleep (I really think their minds are just so busy thinking that it keeps them from sleeping). That has worked a little but not all the time. I have just had to live with it. My youngest, now 9, will now stay in her own room when she wakes up. We were able to solve his by getting a small dog that sleeps in her bed - she then has someone to cuddle up with instead of coming into bed with us. It sometimes helps with her going to sleep as well.

So as much as I would love to give you a solution to get her to sleep, it sounds like you have tried everything, you may just need to get her to stay in her bed so you can get a good sleep.

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