My daughter won't sleep thru the night

Gabrielle - posted on 03/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




She is almost 1 and for a couple months she hasn't been sleeping thru the night. She wakes up between midnight and 4. After she falls back to sleep she won't sleep in her own bed. I put her in there and she wakes right back up. For almost a month I ended up sleeping in the living room with her on the couch. I finally put a little radio under her bed and had that play at night. That helped for about a week and a half but she has started waking up again. I have tried all kinds of stuff but can't find anything that will actually get her to sleep thru the night. Any advice?


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Well, my oldest went thru a similar phase. It lasted until his dad woke up one night to find us on the futon in the front room. I'd gotten in the habit of plugging in his favorite movie and falling back asleep, knowing he'd watch till it was done, and fall asleep beside me.

Hubby woke us up, and proceeded to tell the boy "Son, this is NOT cartoon time. You WILL sleep in your own bed, unless you have a problem or a bad dream"

I didn't have him wake up again. I'm not sure what started him waking up, except that it was maybe a bad dream, and I was probably so tired at the time I just said, "Ok, honey, we'll go watch something till you feel better"...and one thing led to another.

Now, not saying that there couldn't be some underlying condition that's causing it, but for me, it was just because the kid knew I was groggy enough at night, he'd be able to watch his movie.

Another thing to check is: do her windows open to the outdoors? Is it possible that there's a flash of light/or a sound that's waking her?

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