my daughters best friend is always putting her down.

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I need advice, my 11 yr old daughters best friend has been kinda mean lately. She is always complaining to my daughter and their other friends
about my daughter. She puts my daughter down in front of everyone, about everything she does.... from brushing her hair to her lip gloss, even the fact that my daughter likes the same boy band as she (the friend) does. I think it is stressing my child out. I told my daughter her friend was probably jealous and insecure.
But like I said she is my daughters "best friend". and they do good when its just the two of them.
We went through a case of bullying last year with another friend, and my daughter had a hard time with it. she had all the symptoms of a bullied child i SO don't want this to happen again. I can just tell she is different.
I need suggestions. PLEASE.


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First of all hug your daughter, I bet she needs it. This is not a friend at all, she is using your daughter as a convenience, someone to hang out with when no one else is available. Sadly your daughter will have to make the choice to stay or not as her friend. This girl sounds like shes trying to impress another crowd or make herself look better, that is not a friend that is a bully. It sounds like your daughter is actually above this by continuing to be this girls friend. Sorry I dont have much to offer just my take on it as I was on the receiving end of teasing bullying and basic shunning throughout school.

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