my daughters bf hates me

Alison - posted on 11/03/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




please help: my daughters bf lives with us and we all get along very well (used too). A few months ago my daughter noticed he was getting messages from other girls. After talking to him, he said it was nothin, but she kept noticing a lot of snapchats. After a few weeks of her In tears and them fighting I'd had enough and opened a fake fb to see what he'd do. I'm so ashamed now as he started talking to me and flirted a little bit thinking it was someone else. It wasn't bad but he did admit he was living with his 20yr old gf. A few weeks after checking a bit more he found out it was me and now said he hates me and will never speak to me again. I'm so sorry as it's something I would never do. He's away now but will me back and I'm so upset at what I did. My daughter is surprisingly okay and said I know you did it to protect me. Do you think this is ever repairable?


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Raye - posted on 11/03/2015




Alison, you were trying to protect your daughter and find out if he was lying. I don't know if I would have done what you did, but it's done and done, so now you have to move on. The BF is a jerk. If he loved and respected his girlfriend, he wouldn't be flirting with some random chick on the internet or the other girls on snapchat. They live in your home, and should be respectful of you (and each other) or they should move. Keep communicating with your daughter. Maybe she'll realize he's not worth her time.

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