my daughters dad has left me shes 9 weeks old, im so stressed, he left beginning of demcember, he keeps leaving then coming back like he picks me up and drops me when he feels like it... i know i shouldnt allow this but im finding it so hard hes not seen our daughter in 8 days and hasnt even asked how she is... how can i get over my feelings and be strong enough to tell him to get lost because i feel like im ready to crumble!!


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Stephanie - posted on 01/06/2013




our relationship was great before our daughter weve been together 4 years, but since the birth hes a completely different person I don't even recognise him anymore its so sad!! but your so right I do need to keep strong im the one who takes care of her I need to let go of him for her... thankyou!!

Loraine - posted on 01/06/2013




So sorry your going through all this right now & I hope you have family/friends around to help you.

You don't mention what your relationship was like before the pregnancy or birth. If he was good & supporting or equally as dismissive of you & your future child.
If he was equally as dismissive I would suggest you ask yourself this. If he hasn't seen your daughter, or even asked how she is, do you really think he cares about her? Falling out of love with a partner is one thing but a child who didn't ask to be brought into the world is something else.

Picture life in a few years time. When your daughter is old enough to know what is going on in the world. When she asking about her daddy. Where is he? why doesn't he want to see me? Maybe he arranges to come visit but doesn't turn up & doesn't call to say why?

Your the one who has to deal with her heartbreak. Hold her through her tears & make everything right in the world. Yes your heart is breaking right now but if he can't stand up & be a man, for his child, if not for you, then you really must lay down some rules as its you who will have to deal with your daughters suffering & heartache as well as your own.

Be strong.
Good luck & here's hoping the daddy sees reason x

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