My daughters father is using his disablement to not pay, and I'm left to nothing. What do I do when the courts doesn't do anything?

Lanea - posted on 09/17/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Maddie's father is using medical paper work to not work, but he recently left disability pay. He is using some way of the system to not pay child support. The state did not suspend his license cause he needs to get to apts and to take care of his child. He is recovered from his problem. he is gaining weight a sign on health. im a med major, im not stupid! The thing that sucks is I know he is lying about half of the health crap, i have friends telling me oh i saw him her and there, doing this and that. POINT IS: THE State has my case on hold cause he has no means of paying. but he wont work cause he 'cant', but if you cant work then why get off disability?!?!?! What can I do???

I'm debating to sue him for full custody and no visitation (cause he is a verbal abuser in my face and follows me places)

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