my daughters going on 4 naw and still isnt out of nappies she comes to the toilet but will only wipe her self with the toilet roll with clothes on . and wont sit on the toilet or potty ive tried everything small toilet seat allsorts any ideas welcome


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Sam - posted on 06/17/2011




My one daughter was hard to potty train I tried getting her excited about big girl panties but she is stubborn :) As a last resort if she wanted to do something or go somewhere I would tell that was for big girls and that big girls use the toilet and it worked immediately she was a big girl (yay no more poopy diapers)

Audrey - posted on 10/24/2008




I have a daughter who is almost 3 years old. I'm guessing you are from the UK, as you call diapers nappies...I'm in the UK. My daughter was so excited about these little Peppa Pig panties that I had bought that the childminder and I just decided to put her in them and let her have a go. She was so excited about being a big girl with panties that I had no problems with potty training her, so I can't imagine what you are going through; however, my sister had problems with my nephew...he would pee in the toilet, but always went and hid when he had to poop his pants. My mom's answer was, when he goes in his pants make him wash his panties in the toilet! I know it sounds really disgusting, but it worked. My sister only had to enforce this once...he was so disgusted that he never pooped his pants again. Might want to give it a go as a last resort....Good Luck!

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