My daughters mother in law, makes me crazy!!

Joannie - posted on 03/20/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




This woman was as nice as anything, until her son and my daughter got engaged. She uses cheap shot at me why I don't know. I've done all I can to welcome her and assure her that she wouldn't lose her son. I didn't raise my daughter that way. My mother in law and my mother got along great. I never slighted her, always welcomed her, treated her like my own mother and she treated me like her own daughter. Maybe it's because she doesn't have a daughter? She is driving my daughter crazy and I know why I can see it. I don't interfere, it's not my place. I went out of my way for her and she was so rude to me I bit my check the entire time, not to cause trouble for my daughters sake. Now I'm traveling to see my daughter tomorrow. She had the last three months to visit them and suddenly went last week. She keeps asking what time I'm arriving, she's saying she's leaving tomorrow to visit friends then fly home on Monday. I know her plans are fake, and will suddenly fall through. It's a small apartment and I'm not sleeping with her. I told my daughter not to make a fuss over it, that's what she wants. I have a lot of friends and some family in the area. I'll go visit with them and then come to you after she leaves. I'm not getting a hotel so she can revel in putting me out, you know what I mean? I'll just visit with my friends and family the first half of my trip. My question is why? Why do women with son's behave this way? I'm afraid all this woman is doing is going to back fire on her and she's going to suffer for trying so hard to make everyone else uncomfortable. I was all set to have a new friend that I could share my family with, but that's not the case. I don't have to do any of that. I will never tell my daughter to be disrespectful to her, or not include her in things, but I won't be there to smooth things over either. She lost more than she realizes. Any advise on this ladies?

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