My daugter's father id taking me to court for half a year vistation!!! She doesnt even know him!!???

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my Daughter will be 2 years old on October 27th and has seen her father off and on since she was about 10 months. Never has it been consistent enough for her to know who he is nor does she call him dad when he does come around. He recently wen to court to file a motion declaring he get her half a year and all major holidays every other year. when he recently had her her he sent me a text stating "im not walking around with her nappy headed a**" and that "he hated me" completely uncomfortable with the fact with him wanting her that extended period of time. I have no problem with every other weekend and her getting to know him..that's what i am suppose to want for her. I just want t make sure she is safe I wouldn't want him to hurt her because of his hate for me or talk about her because of her hair. she is only a baby. Would a judge grant him half a year visitation when she doesn't even know him and if I provided proof of hurtful things he have said about her?


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Get a good lawyer. Not all forms of hurtful comments are admissible as evidence and requirements can vary quite a bit from state to state.
Unless the father lives more than an hour or so away from you, or is in a situation that makes bi weekly visitation difficult, the judge is not likely to grant 1/2 year visitation because that is rarely in the best interest of the child. Often, the non custodial parent will ask for more than he or she knows she will get so that he or she will have "bargaining room" and can show in future cases that he or she was cooperative. That is probably what your ex is doing, because I really can imagine any sensible person thinking that kind of visitation would be in good interest.


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No judge in his/her right mind (but not all judges always make rational decisions) is going to do 6 months on, 6 months off w/ a child. However, unless he is a legitimate danger to her (w/ solid proof) he IS entitled to 50/50 custody in many courtrooms.

You need a good lawyer who will see your evidence and determine if it will have merit in court... and will, hopefully, push for gradual increase in visitations instead of jumping right in to 50/50 custody (if he is awarded that).

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