My daugther is 13 years old and wanted a brand new Iphone 5s

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I have two daughters and two sons. My oldest daughter who we had agreed together that if she got straight A's in her classes throughout the school year, then my husband and I will get her a laptop. She did get a straight A's throughout her school year. Now school is over and she changed her mild. She wanted to get a brand new IPhone 5s. I told her that I can't afford to buy her a brand new IPhone 5s but if she doesn't want a laptop anymore then what I can do is to get her a used IPhone 4s which would cost around $250's and then I still have to make a monthly payment on the phone too which at the end it would cost more than $400's. (We initially planned to buy a laptop that would cost ~$400's for her). My husband and I both have an IPhone 4s and I told her that I can't buy her an IPhone 5s because we can't even afford to buy us an IPhone 5s yet. We have Wal-Mart family mobile plan. She is too young for an IPhone 5s.
She said all her friends at school have cell phone not her. She also says that she shouldn’t even have to ask for a cell phone and we should have just bought her one without even asking us. She said that she hates her life and we shouldn’t even give birth to her. She just wanted to die and she was crying.
I told her that her she has three options:
Option 1: buy her a laptop as we had planned.
Option 2: give her the $400 dollar and she can keep it for herself.
Option 3: We can buy her a used IPhone 4s which would cost around 250's and we will still have to make a monthly payment and will still ended up paying more than $400 at the end.
My daughter refused all the three options above. She will only take it if it's a brand new IPhone 5s.
What should I do?


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I would have to say that while I do not agree to giving a kid a phone or anything else because they make straight A's for the school year, it is your life and child. But she is pulling the me card here and trying to use the "because my friends/classmates have it" card as well. YOu need to stick to your decision from the beginning and tell her either she takes the laptop or she does not get anything. That should be her choices. That was the original offer made and should not have been changed. As for your explaining why you can't afford the iPhone 5, it was good. SHe is old enough to understand that. But that was not the choice in the beginning. Do not give in to her. She has to learn that you are not there to cater to her desires and wants, you are her parent and you are there to teach her and guide her through life. And instead of giving out things for grades why not praise her for her hard work and let her feel good that she did so well and take pride in that. Its more important than any material object because next year, what is she going to want then, a new car?

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